Order FAQ


First, you need to place us the order by contacting us by sending the document information and your details to be printed in the document at [email protected] or via contact form in the ‘Contact us’ page. Then we would receive the order, verify the details and ask you to confirm. On confirming, you are asked to do the 50% payment. We would do the process and on completing, we would send you the scanned copy of the document. If you are satisfied, we would send the document and you are asked to do the remaining half payment,.

We have been in this business for 8 years since 2012 and helped lots of individuals in documentations and certificates. We have provided them with 100% genuine looking documents and certificates by which we have gained lots of  trust and belief of the people. We are legit in all ways. You can see the testimonials in our website too.

Of course, they were no way less than any documents given by government authorities. Our documents would pass any airport scan or check for 100%

Once we are done with your document, to verify it we would send you the database link and Verification Diskette. You can cross-check with those.

You can directly go to the government authorities and ask them to verify. You would find your document registered and legit.

As our documents are real and legit, you can straight away  go to the government officials or office and renew the document.

No, for security and confidence reasons, you are asked to send us half pay initially and the remaining half pay upon finishing the document.

Yes, we would give you. If you are okay with that, we don’t have any problem.

Yes, it is possible. With your old passport number, we would go to the database and erase those previous information. And insert the details you want and produce new passport based on it. So, you can use it legally.